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BoltonSmith Inc.

Various Graphic Design Projects


Logo Designs

"Cloud Strong" Logo Design

BSI Cloud Strong Logo



vDesk Logo Design

vDesk Logo



Client-Facing Graphics

Vinyl lablel for Wireless Points, Hypervisor Diagram for Customer proposal and Redesigned invoice to integrate with QuickBooks

Client-facing graphics


Christmas Card design, print and assembly, including gift for staff and major clients

Christmas 2014

Above Gift: USB Drive (Custom etched design on reverse side and printed logo on front)

Below Gift: Deep Etched coffee mug

Christmas 2015


Keep Safe Banner (for emails and company's internal wiki page)

Be safe!


AntiSpam Banner (for Server, emails and company's internal wiki page)

Be safe!



Promotional Material


Below Left: Virtual Private Server (VPS) flyer

Below Right: Services flyer

VPS and Services flyers


Web advert

GAP Internet Advert



Social Media Material


Valentines Day 2015


Valentines Day 2016


Groundhog Day 2015


Groundhog Day 2016


LEap Day 2016


St Patricks Day 2015


St Patricks Day 2016


Family Day 2015


Family Day 2016


Daylight Savings 2015


Father's Day


Canada Day


Rememberance Day


Season's Greetings