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Welcome to Hadeda Creative

With a lifelong passion for all things visual, Hadeda Creative was established in 2015 to fulfill a variety of creative avenues.


Graphics IconGraphics

Business Portfolios, Logos, Templates, Website Mock-ups, Kinetic Typography, Stopframe Animation, Social Media Inserts, Diagrams and Images, including Illustrations and more!

Photography IconPhotography

Individual and team or group shots to promote your company. Create your own unique stock images for your website or social media outlets. Spruce up your office with photographic artworks.

Visual Art IconVisual Art

Replace that dull, standard wall-piece with a one-of-a-kind, commissioned and personalized artwork, created and crafted specifically to your dimensions and tastes.


Designed perfectly for all your graphic needs...

Can't Touch Disc Logo
Waterloo Organization of Disc Sports (WODS) - Winning design for the 2017 WODS Disc Design.


Personal shots for every occasion!

Can't Touch Disc Logo
Vonclaro - Portrait Photos for Website.

Visual Art

Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures & More!

Can't Touch Disc Logo

Commissioned Two-Set Painting - Birch Forest